Employee savings and retirement schemes: a unique way to save

Employee savings and retirement schemes are, through your employer, a unique opportunity to save for your future in a favourable way.

Save money without touching your salary


The average amount of employee savings received by each employee in France each year 1.

  • Save your company bonuses – then they are tax-free
  • Set up scheduled payments: it’s easy and efficient
  • Turn time into money and save the money from holidays that you don’t take
  • Optimize your employer contributions to boost your savings (depending on the agreements in force)
  • Bring your savings to life with your chosen investment

Take every opportunity to benefit from the numerous advantages of your employee savings and retirement schemes to boost your savings.

Save for any situation

01 l Build up your wealth

You don’t need to be a financial specialist to be interested in your wealth!

Evaluate your situation and see how the scope of our employee savings and retirement schemes is wider than you think.

02 | Own a property

Owning a property is often the dream of a lifetime.

But good news! When you buy your main home, you can release savings from your employee savings and retirement scheme (PEE and PERCO). 

So, saving early and regularly can help you afford a home.

03 | Enjoy your future retirement

The decline of the current pension system is unavoidable. But thanks to the employee savings and retirement scheme, it is not inevitable!

Save your company bonuses, put any untaken leave pay in your PERCO, and schedule voluntary payments to help you take control of your retirement budget.

A favourable way to save

Tax-free saving

Company bonuses (participation/profit-sharing) and employer contributions that match your payments are tax-free.

Reduced management fees

Account management fees are paid by your company and investment management fees are discounted (depending on the agreements in force).

Social security advantages

Payments made by your company to your employee savings and retirement scheme are free of some employee social security charges (except CSG and CRDS).

1. Source: AFG, August 2014.